Public Agenda
TYPE: Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting
DATE: 4/26/2022 TIME: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Azusa Unified Administration Office
The Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC) may attend the meeting by teleconference on April 26, 2022. Regular Agenda Items will begin at 6:00 p.m. The committee encourages public input and will be available by teleconference at: or +1-669-900-9128 with meeting code 835 0999 0335. Thank you for your participation. Maximum speaking time is (3) minutes. Translation services are available to the public. Your cooperation is appreciated..
6:00 PM 1.0 Preliminary
A) Call to Order
1.1 The COC President will call the meeting of the Azusa Unified School District to order.
B) Flag Salute
1.2 Flag Salute
C) Roll Call
1.3 (COC) Roll Call
6:40 PM 2.0 Open Session
6:50 PM 3.0 Items From the Floor/Public Comment on Agenda or Non-Agenda Items
3.1 (COC) Public Comment on Agenda or Non-Agenda Items Info
7:00 PM 4.0 COC Functions
4.1 Approval of Minutes of the Citzen's Oversight Committee Meeting (COC) Meeting held on January 25, 2022 Action
4.2 Bond Projects and Contractors used Info
4.3 Dates and times of the COC Meetings for next school year Action
4.4 Discussion of the upcoming vacancies Action
7:10 PM 5.0 Adjournment
5.1 (COC)Adjournment Action
7:20 PM 6.0 Items From the Floor/ Public Comment